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What is it really like been a fishing wife within a fishing industry, what goes into catching your fish, what risks do we really take? And what’s in the shop today…..

Christmas Week

Our shop this week will be open: Wednesday 11am – 3pm Thursday 11am – 3pm Friday (christmas eve) 10am – 12 noon. We shall have lots of Christmas delights, can’t wait to see you all. Wishing you a very merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

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So did you sleep through the storm last night or did you watch in amazement of what seemed like the biggest lightning display we’ve seen in our sky’s for a long time.
The forecast is very grim, a big heads up we can only envisage that we will be light on fish this week, the forecast is not suitable for fishing and across the country the fish markets and shops seem to be struggling. We shall post daily to let you know what we have in. Thank you.
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