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What is it really like been a fishing wife within a fishing industry, what goes into catching your fish, what risks do we really take? And what’s in the shop today…..

Valentines Oysters

❤️❤️Valentines is fast arriving❤️❤️ X12 Oysters, Stainless Oyster Shuck, served with Ice and Lemon £28. Limited availability- collection Saturday 13th February. To secure your order email: IS OYSTER THE ULTIMATE APHRODISIAC FOOD? The oyster just may be the most evocative symbol of passion in the food world. One of the most popular choices forContinue reading “Valentines Oysters”

Thank You

Thank you to our amazing community for supporting us the way you are. Been a fishing family is an amazing way of life but certainly tough, hard work, long hours. Today we had some amazing local catch & there is no better feeling than been able to open for a few hours, sell my husbandsContinue reading “Thank You”

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