Our Fishermen

Peter’s new fishing Vessel – Brenda C

Peter Williams
LI570- Brenda C

Peter Williams is joint owner of Fresh From The Boat and also the local Hampshire fisherman. He prides himself in sustainable caught fish.

Before becoming a full time fishermen Peter was manager at a children’s home where he lived in 7 days a week offering full time care to some of the most vulnerable children we have in the UK. However Peter’s true passion and draw was to the sea, working with mother nature and seeing what fish he could provide to the local community.

Peter is involved in fishing on many levels including the first fisherman to be involved with the start up of Catchbox a community based fishing scheme run as a cooperative.

Peter was also a trustee of ‘Fishing into the Future’ Charity from the start-up and only recently stood down due to limited time and requiring to focus on the business and fishing.

Peter has had the pleasure of meeting Prince Charles and Monty Halls.

Peter is the proud owner of boat Brenda C which was purchased only recently due to loosing his boat Tia Maria in storm Eunice. Brenda C was also purchased with so much love and support from our community who helped raise 25% of the cost of purchasing her.

He currently fishes using many methods but predominantly Line Caught Bass and mixed fish using nets.

Chantelle Williams

For many years Chantelle has worked in an office and decided to take a leap into the great ocean a several years ago, by supporting Peter in what he does best, fishing. Fresh From The Boat was born over 14 years ago. Peter & Chantelle had goals and a vision but nothing prepared us for our achievements so far.

It’s not easy working in the fish industry and its full of difficult times, long hours and political battles, many of which Chantelle didn’t know would even exist. But it is the most rewarding industry, one of the largest families we are proud to be part of.

Fresh From The Boat started by supplying a few local businesses with our fish, the list of people who stock our fish is now huge. Our fish is sold at Tuppenny Barn, Local Fishmongers, Stansted Park Farm Shop, restaurants and pubs. Our fish box has over 150 members and our home delivery service is growing, 2020 saw Fresh From The Boat shop open at Emsworth Yacht Harbour.

Chantelle has been involved in many community events including the lobster pot Christmas tree, Seafood Lunch on The Emsworth Quay, We created an award winning film, we attended The Queens Patrons Lunch, have worked closely with the Fishermen’s Mission and most importantly have an amazing community who support us through the highs and lows of running a Fish Boat & Fish Business.

Marcus Hyde
P1049 – Millie Moo

Marcus is a local fisherman based in Itchnor, he has fished for over 30 years. Marcus has helped Peter on a number of occassions and they fish closely together .

Marcus will be fishing up to 50 mile round trips, mainly netting within the Solent.   He is one of my biggest landers catching He too prides himself in locally caught sustainable fish.

Glen Milligan

Glen’s boat is a Cheetah Cat and based in Northney Marina. Glen mainly fishes for all his fish using a rod and line and predominantly fishes for Bass.

Russell Murphy

Russell is based in Mudeford. He catches his fish using nets and pots. We shall take a weekly delivery of fish direct from his boat that he brings in.

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