Support Local – Know where your fish comes from & how it is caught – small scale traditional fisheries!

Do you want to eat fish? Not sure about how to make the right decisions when choosing where to get your fish? At Fresh From The Boat, we fish using traditional methods, our boats are small day boats, we fish for our community and don’t catch excessive amounts, so that we have a future withinContinue reading “Support Local – Know where your fish comes from & how it is caught – small scale traditional fisheries!”

Lots of amazing fish coming in ready for tomorrow:

Fresh Fish This Week:Dover Sole – £11 per 500 gramsCod Fillet – £9.50 per 500 gramsHaddock Fillet – £9 per 500 gramsWhole Haddock – £6 per 500 gramsHake Fillet – £9.50 per 500 gramsNatural Smoked Haddock – £9.50 per 500 gramsFish Pie Mix – £6.50per 500 gramsMonk Tail – £11 per 500 gramsScallops – £17 per 500Continue reading “Lots of amazing fish coming in ready for tomorrow:”

Fresh Fish List This Week: It’s been an exceptionally long day chasing fish from around the Southcoast… but we’ve got a good haul… Cod Fillet, Haddock Fillet, Hake Fillet, Pollack Fillet, Hake Steaks, Natural Smoked Haddock, Fish Pie Mix, Monk Tail, Salcombe Scallops, Oysters, Lemon Sole, Plaice, Skate, Samphire, Mackerel, Wild Black Bream, Rope GrownContinue reading

Fish Tomorrow Wednesday 10th March

Before the wind and rain hits fish coming into shop tomorrow:🐟 Hake 🐟Haddock 🐟Mackerel🐟Skate 🐟Lemon Sole 🐟Plaice🐟Monk Fish 🐟Bream🐟Cod🌱Samphire 🐟Natural Smoked Haddock 🐡Scallops 🐡Oysters🐡Clams 🐡Mussels🦀Dressed Crab in from around 2pm And more…..Lots of frozen items….crab claws, squid tubes, langoustines, Tempura Prawns, Squid Rings, Scampi, Prawn Skewers.

This Fridays Fish – Out of this world.. Biggest Haul to have in our shop…

❤️❤️ Fish List Friday❤️❤️💙Biggest haul of fish ever to come through our doors, we are ready for your valentines weekend💙Piri Piri or Sweet Chilli & Lime Prawn Skewers, Brill Steaks, Halibut Steaks, Oysters, clams, Mussels, Scallops, Dressed Crabs, Gurnard, Mackerel, Bream, Monk Fish, Skate, Huss, Kippers, Squid, Lemon Sole, Tuna, Trout, Plaice, Fish Pie Mix,Continue reading “This Fridays Fish – Out of this world.. Biggest Haul to have in our shop…”

Fish Friday

🐟Fish Friday🦐 as ever it’s going to be amazing, Swordfish Steaks, Huss, Monktail, Tiger Prawns, Cooked Crevettes, Clams, Oysers, Prawn Pots, Skate, Salmon, Sushmi Grade Tuna, Mackerel, Herring, Sardines, Trout, Dover Sole, Lemon Sole, Cod, Haddock, Hake, Smoked Haddock, Scallops, Kippers! No preorder slots available, just have a wonder down. Open 10am – 4pm.

Fresh Fish From Wednesday this week…

Fish Fish, Glorious Fish!With the boats out catching in this wet miserable weather, it’s going to be a good day tomorrow to pop by the shop! You may need a rain coat or umbrella but it will be worth your while…Hake, Haddock, Cod, Mussels, Sardines, Lemon Sole, Mackerel, Monk Tail, Fish Pie Mix, Skate, Scallops,Continue reading “Fresh Fish From Wednesday this week…”