Temporary Closed – Hope to be back real soon..

‼️ Statement from Fresh From The Boat‼️

Dear All,
So yesterday a post went out to say, ‘We shall be closing our doors until further notice’.
We’d like to try and explain a few things to give you a better understanding of where we are.
Throughout the past 15 years you have all had a large insight into our life, from fishing, to government challenges and our own personal life issues. Maybe it’s a northern thing as we wear our hearts on our sleeves!
You have carried us through some of our toughest times and we always try to ensure that when visiting our shop you are greeted with a warm, friendly face.
But behind the scenes we’ve had a lot to battle with, from Chantelle having brain surgery, a stroke, and a number of large accidents. In fact yesterday she was back in hospital having more surgery. Chantelle has had over 20 surgeries in the last 4 years and each time she bounces back, too quickly and tries to take on the world.
Peter has had his own battles trying to support his family throughout these times and has found it extremely difficult, which has taken a toll on his health too. He has also had the pressures of boats sinking and constant government changes. The last 10 months really have taken it out of both of us and we are exhausted. Although we received the amazing crowd funding we unfortunately had to give up our family home in order to make up the difference, and the sheer stress of everything involved has built up causing marital issues. But throughout all this we are still focused on keeping Fresh From The Boat going, but we are tired.
We aren’t closing the doors forever, and will keep you updated as and when we can. We have many personal things we need to sort and when the shop is open, we are working a 6 day week which does not allow us time to make amendments.
We shall keep you posted on all steps moving forward and hope to be back with you real soon, stronger more focused and offering you what we do best, selling Fresh Fish with a smile!
Peter & Chantelle

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