Visiting & Parking at Our Shop

Shop Open Tomorrow – Please do not forget to support your local fishing family!

Our shop at Thorney Rd, Emsworth & Parking.

Our shop at Emsworth Yacht has a huge array of fresh fish, shellfish, live lobster, frozen items and is open:

Wednesday, Thursday, Friday – 10am – 4pm
Saturday 9am – 4pm.

Parking & Visiting Shop
When visiting the shop please do try and park outside, there is normally enough space to park 3-4 cars outside safely FREE of charge.

The parking scheme that has been brought in by Emsworth Yacht Harbour which had nothing to do with us, as we are not situated on there land but privately owned is having huge impact on our business and we know a few of you have stopped visiting for this reason, but we do need your support to continue trading. We have FREE car parking spaces available outside our shop & we shall happily pay your 75p for half hour if you end up in the Yacht Harbour Car Park, which should be plenty of time to get your fish!

If you park in our shop spaces – You do not need to pay and it is private land and not that of the Yacht Harbours.

Yacht Harbour Site:
If you park any where on the Yacht site – since returning back from my lovely holiday last week, they have made the whole site enforceable with new signs just outside our boundaries, so you have to pay to park and in some areas no parking at all, the charge is 75p for half hour within the car park, if you end up parking in there car park & paying this please print a receipt out from the meter and i will happily take it off your fish bill, so we cover the charges! Also If you don’t have change please ask we shall happily give it to you.

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