Support Local – Know where your fish comes from & how it is caught – small scale traditional fisheries!

Do you want to eat fish? Not sure about how to make the right decisions when choosing where to get your fish?

At Fresh From The Boat, we fish using traditional methods, our boats are small day boats, we fish for our community and don’t catch excessive amounts, so that we have a future within our industry, We stay with our fishing gear and do not have ghost gear, our fishermen responsibly collect any waste they see floating out at sea, a lot of our fish is caught using a rod & line, or by using biodegradable nets and we fish bigger mesh size than required to avoid catching juvenile fish, we do not have any unwanted bi-catch, we know where your fish has come from, how it’s been caught, handled and stored, at our shop we try and use recyclable or biodegradable packaging…. find out more about our ‘Blue Boat’ Policy at:

shoplocal #supportsmallboats #eatfish #stayhealthy

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