Fish Tomorrow Wednesday 10th March

Before the wind and rain hits fish coming into shop tomorrow:
🐟 Hake 🐟Haddock 🐟Mackerel
🐟Skate 🐟Lemon Sole 🐟Plaice
🐟Monk Fish 🐟Bream🐟Cod
🌱Samphire 🐟Natural Smoked Haddock 🐡Scallops 🐡Oysters
🐡Clams 🐡Mussels
🦀Dressed Crab in from around 2pm

And more…..
Lots of frozen items….crab claws, squid tubes, langoustines, Tempura Prawns, Squid Rings, Scampi, Prawn Skewers.

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