Parking at Emsworth Yacht harbour

To help with the costs of parking charges at Emsworth Yacht Harbour and to encourage you to keep visiting us, we have lots of incentives coming, 2021 will see a new loyalty card scheme and also we are currently buying you a coffee at ‘The Deck’ on the go, if you get a receipt and have paid £1.50 or more on parking we shall provide you with x1 Free coffee voucher!
Also don’t forget if you live locally it’s a lovely walk or cycle, there is other places you can park nearby that doesn’t have charges and also we do generally have space for 1-2 cars outside the front of our shop.

We also offer a home delivery service and a mobile stall at @tuppenny Barn every Thursday 10am -1pm.

Please continue to support local, it has already effected our business hugely and if continues could have devastating consequences for us.

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