Fresh From The Boat Will Remain Open.

Our shop will remain open and a newsletter will go out tomorrow to all people who have signed up, Delivery Service has increased to keep you home and safe and we have created Lockdown Packages to ensure ease of operation.

To ensure the continued safety of everyone we would ask you to comply with the following:

The safety of our staff, Fishermen, customers, and contractors is our prime concern with each of us playing our own part in making responsible choices to allow us to make progress.

We will regularly review these protocols to ensure best practice but, as well as the safety protocols we have instigated, we advise you to wear face coverings when visiting us and use sanitising products or PPE products that benefit your personal requirements.

Sanitising – we have a hand sanitiser station in our shop, please use.

Social Distancing
– please always practice and maintain 2m social distancing when visiting Fresh From The Boat – and ensure you leave a 2 meter gap at the front door to allow all a safe entry and exit.

PPE Disposal – please take any personal protection equipment away with you and dispose of it safely and considerately.


If you are presenting with any symptoms of Covid-19 (raised temperature, persistent cough, loss of taste/smell) do not come to Fresh From The Boat Premises, we can safely delivery to you.

If any member of your household has presented with symptoms of Covid-19 then you are still required to quarantine for 14 days and you should therefore not attend Fresh From The Boat Premises.

If you exhibit symptoms of Covid-19 within 3 days of a visit to us then please inform us so we can then take the appropriate precautions.

Everybody at Fresh From The Boat and Fishermen are working hard to implement the new protocols in line with the latest government and HSE advice and combining this with new the guidance.

Thank you for your understanding.

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